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School Bus Converted to RV

Most vehicles are junked after the end of their intended use. School buses are unique in this regard. Not only are they not junked, they can go on to live long and useful lives for alternative purposes. For instance, let's take a look at a school bus converted to an RV for personal use.

What Is Possible?

What is possible with a school bus converted to an RV? Pretty much anything you can think of. These videos show people who did it and their thoughts:

Why Buses?

There are a few reasons converting a bus to an RV is a project worth your consideration. The first is pretty clear. It is something interesting to do and you can customize the RV to your particular tastes. Having said this, keep it in mind the conversion can take many months depending on how often you can work on it.

A used school bus is usually also a steal. Most school districts are required to stop using the bus after 15 years or so depending on the state. These buses are designed to last much longer. As a result, you get a bus in good shape with plenty of life for a pittance compared to buying either a new one or a new RV.

A third reason is safety. A school bus carries kids, so safety is a huge issue. This means school buses use a steel frame, not something less sturdy. If you get hit in your converted RV, you might not know it! The same can't really be said for modern RVs, which tend to be designed for as minimum a weight as possible.

Should You Do It?

This is a good question. I suggest you take the time to research what the conversion process would take in time, effort and money. If the numbers seem acceptable, then go ahead and do it. You can expect your RV to run for decades and provide you with great road trip stories.